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Jonathan Winters A Chrismas Carol Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters A Chrismas Carol

Jonathan Winters

Published 2007
ISBN : 9781598875324
Audio CD
1 page
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 About the Book 

This review is based on this particular audio book adition only, not the actual classic by Dickens, which BTW, is flawless.This edition is simply awful. First of all, you do not abridge A Christmas Carol. You lose way too much of the story by cutting out many of the descriptions and emotions and memories. I was very disappointed that in my listening to this audio, I did not get to hear many of the words and phrases that my eyes just love to read- the sentences in the book that I read out loud just so I can hear if they sound as beautifully as they look on paper (they do).Also, the narrator is terrible. He offers no emotion. All of the fear when Scrooge is confronted by the ghost of Marley and all of the spectres is completely lost, as is his total elation when he awakens on Christmas morning to find out he is still alive and hasnt missed the Blessed day. The voice he uses for the Ghost of Christmas Past was that of a creepy old man, and the Ghost of Christmas Present is depicted as a creepy Scotsman. Thankfully, the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come does not have a voice.I read A Christmas Carol every year, however, this year, it is looking like I might not have the time, so I downloaded the audio from my library so I could listen on my run. Unfortunately my library doesnt offer another version of the audio, because Id really like to listen to another version right away, just to get the memory of this narrators horrid voice out of my head.